Lighthouse Annemessex River Somers Cove Lighthouse stands near the enterance of the Little Annemessex River. This screwpile structure was common throughout the Chesapeake Bay Region. The modest structure was erected sometime in the year 1867, for the cost of $10,000 with dementions of 20'7" x 21' it was small compared to others in the area. Never the less it marked the enterance to the River and the famous sea port of Crisfield, Maryland. Just after the Civil War Annemessex (later named Crisfield) became a terminal for rail and steam commerce. Thousands of bushels of famous Chesapeake Bay oysters were processed and shipped from this world famous port of call. The wooden structure of the old Lighthouse was dismantled in 1932. Today the screwpile framework still remains, and is known by local watermen as the Skeleton lighthouse or the 5 legger.

The above picture was taken from the book; FORGOTTEN BEACONS, The lost lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay, by Patrick Hornberger & Linda Turbyville, Eastwind Publishing 1997

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