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American Blue Claw
Hard Shell Gauge

Blue Crab Lobster & Clam Measuring Guides

$18.95 ea.

USPS Priority Shipping $9.95

SeaScissors       $15.00

SeaShrimper      $11.00

SeaShucker        $  8.00

Combo Package

Purchase all Three!



The original Sea Scissors are the ideal tool for cutting and preparing shellfish, they cut the shells like butter!  Great for the kitchen or the tackle box, cut lines and bait, or even ropes!  The patented Sea Scissors are made of surgical stainless steel and micro-serrated to never dull.  Dishwasher and saltwater safe. Make it a joy to clean and prepare shrimp.  Surgical steel blades arched to the shape of shrimp for cutting the shell easily.  Barbed tip for de-veining and tail remover between the handles to extract all the delicious meat. Open oysters and clams with ease!  Surgical steel blade with defined point and fine edge combined with a large ergonomic handle make this the shucking knife of choice.

New For The Holidays!

Available in Sizes 15 -100 Quarts

20 Oz. Tumblers


Grizzly Coolers   15Quart White     $170.00

Superior ice retention and superior heat retention!  Kuuma Tumblers work to keep your beverage at the right temperature, just the way you like it.  These tumblers can maintain the temperature of your hot or cold liquids for hours on end, with minimal heat transfer.

Double-wall vacuum insulation
Press lid with full sealing gasket
Sweat free, no coaster needed!
Extreme durability
Convenient and easy to carry

Can Cooler


12 Ounce Tumbler


20 Ounce Tumbler


30 Ounce Tumbler


Chilly Pads $12.995ea.

Available in Pink, Sky Blue, Purple & Yellow

Made from a hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. The Chilly Pad is an innovative way to cool down while enduring outdoor heat and/or high levels of physical activity. When wet, the towel begins to evaporate and cool, providing cool, soft comfort to the user. When it stops cooling simple re-wet the towel in hot or cold water and wring it out. Within minutes. it's cool again.

Waterproof Charts

$21.95 ea.


Lower Chesapeake Bay, 3rd Edition

Smith Point to Chesapeake Approaches. Featuring waypoints for major buoys, courses and distances, and ramp locations and information. Great planning chart. 24" x 36", scale 1:107,000 with insets.


Upper Chesapeake Bay, 4th Edition

C&D Canal to the Potomac River. Featuring waypoints for major buoys, courses and distances, and ramp locations and information. Great planning chart. 24 x 36, scale 1:114,000.


Chesapeake Bay
Florida Cruising Guides

Maptech's Embassy Cruising Guides are the most comprehensive and accurate guides available for ports of call along the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico. These wonderful trip planners are chock-full of all the information you'll need, making them perfect companions aboard any boat. Bound with a crush-proof, plastic spiral and wrap-around covers, the guides are specifically designed for easy use. No boater should depart without Embassy Cruising Guides aboard!


If you are serious about protecting our planet's sensitive ecosystems, ask your current suncare company to prove their "claim" of being "Eco-friendly", "Biodegradable" and/or "Natural" with scientific test results. Most likely they don't have any data since most companies do not scientifically test their products before marketing claims are created. After all there are no regulations on marketing claims, anyone can say their product does just about anything these days. We strive to do better by our customers and our environment, by scientifically proving our claims.

At Tropical Seas® we care about your skin protection as well as our environment's fragile ecosystems. We scientifically back up our products marketing claims, and have all of our complete assays and test data, including references and protocols on file in our corporate offices. Additionally, we post our scientific test summaries on our web site for our customers benefit.

Once our products have passed The Food & Drug Administration's standards, we then submit our formulas to an independent ecology laboratory for further testing. By submitting our formulas for ecology testing, we learn not only their degree of biodegradability, but also their toxicity to sealife. The results below prove that our products biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers AND are non-toxic to sealife.

At Tropical Seas® we care about protecting your skin as well as protecting our environment. We take pride in our products and are passionate about what we believe in, for this reason we have remained a family owned and operated business for over 22 years.

We strive for excellence; therefore all products are manufactured in our state of the art FDA Licensed facility in Daytona Beach, Florida. To meet our high quality standards, each batch of product undergoes strict testing in our laboratory. These tests ensure that every batch of product meets the same quality and specifications of the original batch produced and sent out for independent lab testing.

We take pride in scientifically backing up our products marketing claims. Once our product has passed The Food & Drug Administration’s standards, we then submit our formulas to an independent ecology laboratory for further testing. By submitting our formulas for ecology testing, we learn not only their degree of biodegradability, but also their toxicity to sealife. The results, which are available for viewing on our website, prove that our products biodegrade in oceans, lakes and rivers and are non-toxic to sealife as well.

We believe that quality counts in the creation of all our products. We begin at the foundation by researching and selecting only the finest raw materials based on the integrity of the ingredient, as well as the reliability and quality of the manufacturer. By utilizing environmentally sustainable and renewable plant and vegetable derived raw materials, we promote the growth and care of the environment whenever possible.


Biodegradable Sunscreen  Off Shore Sport

SPF 36+   $6.00

Higher UVA & UVB Biodegradable Sunscreen

SPF 50+   $7.00

Eco-Friendly Sprayable

SPF 30+   $10.00
SPF 45+   $12.00

Eco-Friendly Sprayable BackCountry

 With SPF 30+ $10.00

Eco-Friendly Sprayable BackCountry Expedition



Biodegradeable Burn Cooler® Re-Nourishing Spray or Gel
 with Aloe Vera "L"


Biodegradable Burn Cooler® Rehydrating Spray or Gel with Lidocaine


Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Eternal Summer Aloe After Sun Moisturizer


Endura 30
Trolling Motor


R-3 30
Trolling Motor


Trolling Motor



Winter Pick of the Season
6 gallon Tank's
Reg. Price $67.95
12 gallon Tank's

Dad's Top Pick for 2017

Mercury Marine book


List Price $40.00

Our Price $31.95

Rule 1500GPM



Swing Back Cooler Seats

50 Quart
Swing Back Cooler Seat

70 Quart
Swing Back Cooler Seat



72 Quart
Swing Back Camouflage Cooler Seat

List Price                    Our Price
$576.29              $520.95

2009 Carolina Skiff
Front Console Cushion set


Cooler Seat Risers



Striker 5DV
Fish finder





Charge Pro Portable Battery Charger - 4.3 Amp 6/12V 1 Bank 120V Input



Sea Choice
Trailer Step

Our Price  $59.95

Tempress All-Weather High-Back Folding Seat
with Shadowgrass Seat Cushions on a 13" mounting base

Price $145.95

Storm Season Special
Standard Horizon
Eclipse GX1600 DSC VHF Radio

  Storm Price $249.95

EZ Loader Roller

24 Rollers
with Mounting Kits

( 2 washers & 2 E clips)

List Price $536.40



3 1/2" diameter x 3 1/2" wide wobble roller, fits 3/4 inch shaft,
1 1/4" bearing length
List Price $20.49

Closeout / Blowout
24 for $335.00


Moeller Camoflage  Olive Drab
Spray Paint $12.95

All-Purpose Blue Poly Tarp

Blue Cover Tarps

5" X 7"       5Mil

8" X 10"     5Mil

10" X 15"   5Mil

10" X 20"   5Mil

12" X 25"   5Mil

15" X 30"   5Mil

Kotap America LTD.







Heavy-Duty 12 by 12 Cross Weave Reversible Green/Silver 8-mil Poly Tarp

Green/Silver Cover Tarps

10" X 15"   8Mil
15" X 20"   8Mil
20" X 30"   8Mil

Kotap America LTD.




Kids Afterbite


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Saturday 9AM-12PM
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Sea Choice
Steering Knob


Super Vest
Fits 4-7XL
50-72" Chest


Available in
 Green or Red

Stearns 2XL  $35.00


Mossy Oak
Floatation Vest
$15.00 ea. or Two For $28.00

Converta Ball Kit

1" Shaft with17/8", 2" & 25/16"
Ball set



Sea Choice
Hot Deal
10lbs. Mushroom Anchor & 100ft. Line

All Pink Promises Sunglasses $20.00

Mom's Gift Special

Mercury Pink Beanie  Ladies Sunglasses

Both of Mom's Favorites
$28.50 pair

Ladies Mossy Pink Camo Knife
by Buck Knives


A Great Buy

Protect  Her With
Sabre Red
Pepper Spray
Quick Release Key Ring

$12.00 ea.
Available in Teal or Pink

Dad's Knife Specials

Buck Pocket Knives


Old Timer   by Schrade


Mossy Blaze Camo Knife
by Buck Knives
A Great Buy

Available in all Black

Blackhorn Mini Locking Knife


Stainless Steel Caliber Lockback Knife


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