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Star brite
Performacide Disinfectant

32 OZ. Bottle  $17.95

Gallon Bottle, Make 3 Gal.  $36.95


PERFORMACIDE® EPA Reg. No. 87508-3 is registered for use in homes, medical laboratories, veterinary hospitals, and kennels. PERFORMACIDE® uses a pre-measured pouch that when immersed in the corresponding amount of water creates a 100 ppm chlorine dioxide solution. Allow the pouch 60 minutes to reach full activation, and the 100 ppm ClO2 solution lasts 15 days when stored in an oxidation-proof, dark closed or sealed container in a cool dark location. Using EPA label directions, PERFORMACIDE® can be diluted to 20 ppm for use as a sanitizer on non-food contact surfaces, and 5 ppm for use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces.



Sea Serpent


 Open Top Tube with Reinforced Towing System, 50x48 inches
Regular Price $73.95

Winter Special Price  $69.95


New at Goldsborough's Marine

3" X 5" Vinyl Oval Decals

Living It Easternshore Style

AP29  Maryland Crab

3" X 5"Vinyl Stickers


Living It Easternshore Style

AP31  Maryland Flip Flop

3" X 5"Vinyl Stickers



Telescopic Fishing Gaff


The Quarrow® Telescopic Fishing Gaff features high-grade stainless steel gaffs that are corrosion-resistant. A protective rubber cover is attached to the shaft of the gaff that keeps the hook tip covered when not in use. The gaff is also outfitted with an ergonomic PVC grip for a comfortable non-slip grip. The telescoping feature gives over an extra foot of reach, extending to 23.6” overall


Perma Focus
8 X 25MM


Perma Focus
12 X 50MM


8X42 Binocular Jumells

Feild of View 1,000 Yard



75th Anniverary

$4.00 ea.


Goldsborough's Marine Flag Store


Console Packages

Goldsborough’s Marine

Commercial Console

Console Measurement  16"D X 21"W X 35"H

Top Work Surface 8"D X 21"W

Base Measurement 22"D X 31




T&R Marine

TE218 Transom Elevator
Allows long shaft engine to be used on short shaft boat transoms. Raises engine 5". For all clamp on engines up to 40 HP. For boats with 2" thick transom


TH Marine

CMC 50012 Vertical Extension 5” Jack Static Plate Alum Mount Outboard Motor



T&H Marine
Aluminum Console Kit


With Teleflex
QC Steering and wheel


Goldsborough’s Marine Rigging Track
$24.95 Per Foot



Carver Covers

Small: 40″D x 33″W x 36″H
             Pt #84001  
Price $119.95

  Large: 50″D x 40″W x 60″H                         Pt #84003   Price $164.00

Sea Choice Covers

 Small: 40″D x 33″W x 36″H                         Pt #97911   Price $61.95


Large50″D x 40″W x 60″H                         Pt #97931   Price $85.95


Console covers provide protection for the console, electronic equipment and controls.  Our new and improved design now accommodates the forward console seat.  We’ve added a heavy-duty adjustable strap system for a more customized fit and heavy-duty shock cord in the hem to keep the cover securely in place. Available in all of our boat cover fabrics to match your boat cover.

Boat Covers & Accessories Sold here!

Old Timer SCR Wood Lockback Kife


Buck 316 Talus





Solid aluminum chassis / Aux-in / Portable-media ready
USB input / ASTM117 salt fog
1 pair of RCA outputs / Charging through USB port /  6" (L) x 4" (W) x 2-1/2" (D)
IP66 waterproof face / Comes with flush-face mounting kit

Full Function DSC Capability
- 1-25 Watts of Power Output
- Standard Bracket, Flush Mount Hardware and GPS Cable

All NOAA / Weather Channels and Weather Alert

Dual-Watch and Scan Feature

MR F45-D
25 Watt Fixed Mount VHF, White


MR F45 25 Watt Fixed Mount VHF, Antenna & Mount

  • VHF Handheld Radio
  • 6W / 2.5W / 1W output power
  • Receive WX and FM radio bands 76MHz to 108MHz
  • High resolution dot matrix LCD display
  • HX210 by Standard Horizon   Price $154.95
  • Just in time for
    Storm Season

    VHF Handheld Radio
    MRHH125 by Cobra   Price $82.95

    Add a Dry Pack Waterproof carrier Only $13.00



    See What You've Benn Missing

    Boating Glasses Starting @ $9.95

    Available in Black, White, Camo & Several Colors!

    All inclusive
    women's Glasses

    Sea Striker, Outer Banks,
     & Miami Sunglass

    Price From
    $8.95and up!

    Plus Kids sizes by
    Polaroid & Just A Shade Smaller



    Coleman Soft Cooler

    Super Pick
    912 Powerwinch

    Fall Special Price

    LS53JP5/01    MSRP List Price $897.00

    Sea Choice
    1,000 Lbs

    Folding Jack



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